Company Profile


In Napson Lubricants, we are fully aware of the changing markets and have become increasingly complex and competetitive. It is our commitment to continuously invest in skills, technology, facilities and manpower to keep abreast of these changes. Our success relies importantly upon strategic business alliances with our agents, distributors, business partners and customers. At Napson, we have touched the future with great confidence and anticipation.


Napson Lubricants mission is to provide the highest quality petroleum products, coupled with the best service to it's many diversified customers, thereby increasing its customer base and customer satisfaction.


Our commitment to render services to our customers and the society at large always reminds us to uphold our own principles and have a continual improvement towards attaning this vision. Accordingly, we believe in - Professionalism in our approach. - Dedication for quality and excellence. - Enthusiastic customer service. We will continue our efforts to achieve the highest performance level, togrther with challenging spirit as well as high quality products to deal with, in our business field.


Our Production processes are formally documented and certified in accordance with ISO 9001. Our ISO 9001 certification was awarded by European Quality Assurance Limited in July 2000. This certification is testament to our emphasis on, and commitment to, the high standards of our production process and the quality assurance of our lubricating oils.