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Product Energy Grease AP-3

These are multifunctional lithium base greases, mild extreme pressure (EP) properties. These greases possess excellent shear stability, high load carrying properties & prevent welding & seizure of moving parts under shock loading conditions. These greases are recommended for industrial & automotive, earth moving equipments, gear couplings, electric motors, ball & roller bearings etc.

Product Benefits :

High drop point. Excellent thermal and structural stability. Optimum lubrication under even adverse mechanical conditions. Good surface adhesion. Gives excellent protection against rust, corrosion and water wash out.

Applications :

Plain and anti-friction bearings of cars, commercial vehicles etc. Heavy duty ball and roller bearings of steel rolling mills, papers mills, sugar mills etc. Universal joints and spline shafts. Suitable for bearings operating at temperature upto 130° C.
Characteristics Value
Appearance Light Yellow
Consistency of worked grease,
@ 25 ±0.5°C, 1mm units
(60 double strokes)
Drop Point, °C, min
Soap Type Lithium
Structure Smooth & Buttery
Perfomance Level Pack Size(Ltrs.)
IS 7623 - 1993
NLGI - 3 Specification
200 gm (Pouch Packing), 500 gm,
1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg, 18 kg, 180 kg