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Product Premium 4T

It is premium quality multi-grade engine oil specially developed to meet the requirements of high speed 4 stroke air cooled engines of new generation motorcycles. It is formulated with selected base oil and special additives to provide total protection to Engine components, Clutch and Gear box.

Protection :

It provides strong oil film for lubrication and protection to: Engine components from rust, corrosion and wear, under high speed and wide temperature range. Clutch from slippage by maintaining good reliability between slip and grip.

Product Features :

Rapid oil flow is maintained, to provide: Effective lubrication, thus reduces maintenance cost. Reduces friction and increases engine power output, hence extra mileage. High thermal and oxidation stability, thus longer drain interval. Reduced exhaust emission. Eco-friendly & catalytic converter compatibility.

Applications :

Recommended for all new generation 4 stroke, two wheelers, playing under severe duty conditions like frequent stop & go, dusty environment, variable climatic conditions etc. viz. Honda, Bajaj, TVS, Yamaha, Suzuki, LML, Kinetic etc. and three wheelers also.

Note :

Engine oil is a major factor affecting the performance and service life of the engine. Running the engine with insufficient oil can cause serious engine damage. Running the engine with excessive oil can cause spark plug fouling & loss in performance. Check engine oil level every day before operating the motorcycle.
Characteristics 20W40 10W30
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt @ 100°C 10-15.5 9-12
Viscosity Index, min. 130 128
Pour Point, °C, max. -12 -10
Flash Point, COC, °C, min. 225 220
TBN, mg. KOH/gm. 7-8 7-8
Perfomance Level Pack Size(Ltrs.)
Meet API - SL
Equaliant to IS - 13656
9oo ml, 1ltr, 20 ltr, 210 ltr